Being Thyself; and Loving It.

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The beauty of life, to me, is in the lessons, new experiences and changing lives. That is simply how I see it.

For a very long time, I have learned to be independent. But I was born into a generation where everyone feels entitled and others just want to live off the efforts of other people.

Wondering what I’m talking about? Allow me to explain myself.

I earned my first cheque when I was in my fourth year in high school. I wasn’t employed. But on our school notice board there was a poster by Posta Kenya about a writing competition. At the time I was not so sure how good exactly I was at writing, but I had been writing short stories/novels since I was in my second year of high school. I decided to participate.

That was in October 2009. In November, in the final week of my final exams, I was informed that my article was position two in Central Province. Yes, I said province. I was thrilled. This came with prize money. It felt good.

Flash forward to 2011, I started working for the best talent manager I ever came across in all of Kenya; Leakey Odera. I learned how to earn my own money at 19. Unfortunately, at this time I was not financially wise. I have no idea where all the money I was making went to.

As I grew older, the responsibilities came knocking at my door and somehow I was forced to learn financial management and budgeting.  Which is ironic because I’m an Economics and Finance student. I guess it’s not always what you learn within the campus halls that makes you grow.

Moving on, I have seen many girls decide not to sweat. Not to work hard. Not to know the value of their own hard earned money. I’ve seen people fall off cliffs, jeopardising their esteem, their sense of self, their dignity, and all for money.

Sometimes it is not about the millions. I’m only twenty three. But I’ve seen young girls straight out of high school get drawn into the very repugnant lifestyle that deprives them of the opportunity to grow and develop their full potential; to be powerful women; to be women of essence.

I am far from perfect, but I do know that I was born with the ability to change the world; and so we’re you. One person at a time. It’s achievable.

I feel though that the lack of great role models and people to look up to; mentors, has contributed greatly to the moral rot in this generation. Imagine if you used the power of you to touch a life. To change a life. Wouldn’t it be magic? Imagine a world where everyone was someone’s role model? And yet, that person could be you.

I look at young girls nowadays, and I tell them “Be you. Emulate but do not copy. Stand your ground. People respect those that find a way to make it work on their own. People respect independent, strong women. Forget the stories you hear about strong women being repulsive. You can be strong, independent and fun. But just be your own person. Don’t be blown away by the wind. ”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Elah Wangu says:

    Well said Linda!!

  2. Regina says:

    You are an inspiration, proud of u Linda

    1. lindagatere says:

      Thank you so much

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