The Power Of The Mind.

“Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve” I recently started reading a really great book, The Magic Of Thinking Big. Over the past couple of months, I have found myself reading more books than I have in the past five years. Perhaps because, as the days go by, I realise more each day that…

The Value Of Friendship

One of the best kept secrets in life, is the value of friendship. We’ve heard about this, but, do we really understand it? On many occasions, we’ve been told that, “You are the average sum of the five people closest to you”. I came to realise, a while back, that the people you have in…

It’s Pageant Season!

If anyone was to ask me now what i think about pageants, in one sentence I would say, “Pageants build character“. Most people would most likely beg to differ, but i have my reasons and insights. Having actively participated in pageants for the past five years, I could say a lot about it. I’ve had…

Beyond The Horizon.

You’ve been there before. You’ve thought about it countless times. You’ve done your research. You weighed in on the pros and cons. But you’re still here; undecided. Its human nature. You know how life has a way of unleashing surprises on you? Just when you think you have seen it all, something new comes along….

The School Of Life.

They really do not prepare you for these things. You grow up under the illusion that your greatest decision in life will be whether or not you make it to university based on your grades. You somehow imagine that from then on, everything else will somewhat work itself out. Your job. Your career. Your life….

Living In Purpose

A lot of times, we speak about ambition and purpose. For some of us, we believe that we are born for a reason. That there is a divine purpose for which we were placed on earth, and that we must find it, and fulfil it. For some, maybe not. My friend and i were having…

Step Into Your Own Persona

Now, I spent a lot of time toying around with this topic. I have also written numerous posts in the past about self comparison, feeling inadequate, knowing who you are and being true to yourself. In my observations, I’ve come to realise that most of us, at some point or another, have done things with…

The Quarter Life Crisis Pt II

Being a teenager is quite a confusing period. You’re somewhere in between childhood and adulthood, and you can’t wait to finally be eighteen years old and have the freedom to do everything you cannot do because then you’ll be a “grown up”. Or so you think. You turn eighteen and get into university or college…

Twelve Days Of Christmas.

Christmas time is one of the holidays that we mostly look forward to every year. And Christmas in 2017 has come quite sooner than expected, at least for me. It is a time to celebrate, to spend time with family, to meditate on the year that’s passed, and make resolutions for a better year ahead….

Go For It!Β 

For various reasons, at one point or another, we’ve let great opportunities pass us by. Not because we couldn’t deliver, but because we fail to believe in ourselves. We are too afraid to take any risks for fear of unknown outcomes. Most of these times, quitting is always the easier option. No repercussions. No consequences….