A Resounding “Why”

Our actions in life are guided by a variety of reasons. Some people work because they have been taught that having a job equals success. Some work because they have no choice and they need a means of income for survival. Some work because they enjoy what they do and their jobs are actually income generating hobbies. But for most people, when you ask them why they do what they do, they will most likely not have your answer upfront. Or they will say, “For money, of course”

A lot of us are involved in situations that do not necessarily have justification for existence. Not that everything in life deserves an explanation, but, if something takes up your time and effort, and basically translates to a personal investment, it is important to analyse it’s feasibility.

A lot of the frustrations we experience in life are deeply rooted in our lack of understanding of the importance of the “why” that is the pivot of our lives. Most of the disappointments we face can easily be avoided if we ask ourselves, “why?”.

If you asked yourself, “Why am I looking for a job in the investment industry?” You will be in a position to see whether this is a temporary interest, gauge how much that would mean to you, and you will see whether or not this is something you are willing to pursue.

If you took a moment to question your relationships, you would see whether or not the future holds anything for you two. You would save yourself a lot of heartache and energy. All the red flags you have in your relations with people are perfectly evident in the early stages. If you asked yourself, “what am I here for? What do I foresee in the future? Why do I see it with this person?”, you would have a sober perspective.

In a world where our thoughts and decisions are clouded by so many external factors, including societal pressure, personal pressure, technology and many other variants, it is quite essential to work towards having a sober mind.

It is so easy to lose your way, you know. To forget why you started on your projects. To lose sight of your end goal. It is so easy. And we see that with a lot of people.

We have unfinished projects, failed marriages and friendships, pending decisions, mostly because we lose sight of our goals. We forget why we start what was once the fire that set our souls ablaze.

Or, we end up in industries that we barely even like. We are there because we focus on the wrong things. I do understand the value of money, but I am certain that money should not be the greatest factor in your life. It helps us get by, sure, but if we went about life based on the promise of some money at the end of things, we’d all be a mess.

We talk a lot about the increasing sponsorship trend. We condemn it, but we do not take a moment to internalize these situations and see things from different perspectives. The young girls that choose this route have one goal in mind: money. And because they have been taught that money makes the world go round, they forget the part where dignity and integrity serve just the same level of respect, if not better. If you ever ask them why they are in these positions, you would hear the same reasons on loop.

Understanding why you need certain things or why you do things is a very liberating episode in your life. You will begin to see life from an interesting new perspective. You now have a purpose. You understand your own actions and consequently understand yourself more. You are now able to confidently identify what serves you right and what does not. You are able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I remember once when I had a Q&A on Instagram where I asked you what it was that you lacked most in life. Many people said they lacked clarity.

I have come to understand that having a resounding “why” serves to give you some levels of clarity. It opens your mind to limitless possibilities and solutions to life’s most tasking question.

Your purpose is deeply rooted in your “why”.

Hold a personal meeting with yourself today, and make a resolution to figure out what sets your soul on fire, why this is the case and think about how to most effectively use that piece of information.

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  1. Carrey says:

    I think I need to call myself to a meeting for a Q&A.If I were asked why I’m doing everything I’m doing right now,my answer would be money,money,money.Thanks for this post.
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