Self Esteem, Self Empowerment and Self Sufficiency!


I have come to understand that there is one thing that everyone needs to analyse and understand: the role of self esteem in the society.

See, I have come to realize that if you are not careful about your esteem, you will affect those around you and those you meet in future. Most of the interpersonal problems and friction we experience in life is deeply rooted in the lack of high esteem of one of us.

I realized that the only way anybody would be interested in bringing you down or sabotaging what you do or have is if they don’t feel as good as you; which amounts to a certain level of unhealthy competition.

Staying grounded and knowing yourself; understanding your strengths and accepting your weaknesses is the greatest way to having a great level of self esteem.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that dictates exactly how somebody should be: some say you need to be tall and slender and of a certain complexion, others want you to be curvy, or as it’s popularly stated, BBW. So we raise our children to be constantly conflicted about “who is perfect”. And yet, no one that ever existed was perfect. Except for baby Jesus ❤

And as we grow, we are taught to follow a certain norm, be a certain way, we are judged by how great we do in our exams, forgetting that not everyone is booksmart. If we use one biased system to judge the skills of everyone “equally”, then definitely there will be those that will fail. You cannot assemble all the animals in the kingdom and ask them to climb a tree to prove how skilled they are. Some swim. Others fly. Others are fast runners. So when this happens, then there’ll be people that will grow up thinking that they are stupid, or unskilled, or daft. But they could be the greatest musicians of all time; or the greatest artists, or the greatest athlete! Who knows?

And we wonder why people grow withlow self esteem. The sad thing is the ripple effect that this has on everyone around them. They’ll always be in competition, waiting on others to lift them up, leeching on others for a step up the ladder.

I’m a firm believer of the protection of your self esteem; because once this is intact you become self confident, self reliant, self sufficient. You learn to be independent and to think as an individual soul. You learn the importance of having your own mind; to make your own decisions without having to mirror what others are doing.

Why? Because you believe in yourself.

If ever you find that you have low esteem, remember that we are all different, talented in different ways and sectors; and the other person’s success is not a reflection of your failure. So, be nice. Wish them well. Do not let unhealthy competition, jealousy and/or envy get in your way.

Learn to take pride in your own achievements and successes.

Be Bold, Be You!!



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