Who We Are!

2016-02-14 22.27.05

I have this habit where I find myself staring out the window on my way to or out of town. And for some reason, all the routes out of town tend to be near areas like otc, or koja,  or some place similar.

I look out the window and I see a lot of people; different people but similar all the same. Sometimes I look at specific people and try to imagine what could possibly be on their minds. Or what could be happening in their lives.

We’re all different; but similar. Last week I saw a man going through trash bins in town; perhaps looking for leftovers. I saw him hold up a cup from creamy inn that possibly had a milkshake at some point. Then I realised that he was looking for some food. Something to go to his stomach just so he doesn’t die of starvation.

I see people pulling carts in the hot sun; heavy carts in fact. Fighting for space with rowdy matatus. They seem tired and exhausted but they can’t pause for a minute or decide that they don’t want to work because that’s not really an option for them.

Then I see people who are fighting to stay relevant; only interested in being seen for where they stand or how far they have come. Unfortunately, some are not born with humility enough to let people be as they want to be.

But I realize one thing: we all want the same thing. To move forward. To be comfortable enough to not be stressed. To be happy. We’re only human.

I saw this picture making rounds on social media that said “I was taught to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO”. I loved it. It pretty much sums up the fact that we’re all human and we need to understand and respect that about each other. This kind of understanding only comes with experience;  or a very good upbringing.

The reason people fail to see others as actual human beings is probably a sense of “that could never be me”. A wrong misperception.

I love a song by Craig David and Sting, Rise and Fall. I have heard many but this is the realest. It talks about a person that finally “made it and changed”. The message being to stay humble no matter where on the ladder you stand. I love it! It’s true because, I feel that nobody is entitled to anything. Nobody is any special than the other. Not because of your social status. Not because of your titles. Not because of the size of your bank account.

It’s very important to raise our children to understand that we are all at par except some of us have added advantages. But in all, we’re only human.

Spread Love This Valentine’s.

Be thoughtful and caring even to those who you don’t know. We’re all simply trying to accomplish something.

Let’s practise empathy.

Happy Valentine’s! And have a great week ahead!

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  1. KERONGO says:

    We are all the same

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