I was reading this blog last night, in the wee hours of the morning, actually. You know how you often find yourself awake at 4am for no apparent reason, and you can’t help but think. About life. About your aspirations. Your goals. The realities of the world we live in. Your mistakes. All of it. The late twenties group understand.

These past few months have felt like chaos to me. They have been filled with all sorts of emotions; fear, panic, hopelessness, anxiety, hope, happiness, sadness! You name it. Oh what a whirlwind it has been. And it continues to be. I mean, we are not out of the woods yet. Far from it really.

And if you’re like me, you’ve had a lot of thoughts. Truth be told, I have experienced so many emotions these past few months, at some point I was convinced I would lose hold of who I am. Things were changing. I was changing. My way of thinking was changing too.

It’s been a lot to take in.

The world as we knew it ceased to exist. It’s a new dawn. And it has not been easy adjusting to our new normal.

The reality of life is that it is dynamic. Unpredictable. Wild! We always knew this old adage “it’s a wild world”. Remember how they would say this all the time when we were in school? I mean, we probably didn’t believe them then. But I bet we do now.

In retrospect, I have observed a lot that, while people might seem unfazed by things that happen around them, a lot of people are going through things we could never understand.

Each person you know and/or meet has something tagging at the back of their minds. Sometimes big, sometimes seemingly small stuff, but it’s there. And people have different tenacity. How one person handles a situation is not the same way someone else will. It’s always heavier for some, more than others.

Growing through life means that you will go through a lot of phases. Some of those are very pleasant. They call them “hay days”.

But some of those days are not. They’re dark. They’re confusing. They’re chaotic. If character development was measured by such metrics, these ones would carry the day. They’re heavy. And it is on these days that you grow. You master the navigation skills. You learn. There is nothing wrong with that.

We are often so embarrassed to be real and raw and candid. To show that we are human. We expect perfection. And in turn we aim to exude perfection. But perfection is not human. It’s supernatural.

The Phoenix.

A mythical bird; of great beauty fabled to live 500 or 600 years in the Arabian wilderness; that rises from its ashes, in the freshness of youth.

An emblem of reborn idealism. Of hope.

Although mythical, I like the Phoenix. It’s ability to spear right through whatever was meant to completely destroy it. That it can be reborn. It can reimagine itself despite what it could have been through. It’s admirable.

I’ve always thought of myself as one. Remember when they would ask, “If you were an animal, what would you be?”. I always say I’d be an Eagle. On some days, I would be a Phoenix. These amazing birds. They embody growth. Personal development. They reach for the stars. They soar!! The full embodiment of what I think of myself.


I know it has been hard for you. Learning. Unlearning. Re-learning. Growing. Navigating.

You may feel overwhelmed sometimes.

But if there is one thing I have come to understand, it’s that nothing is too big nor too small. Everything can turn around. You can rethink. Restructure. Reroute.


Take a moment to reflect. Think about your “Why” . Have a resounding “why”. Why am I here? Why am I doing this? What do I project to achieve by being in this space? And if you do not like your answers, there’s always room to reroute.

I’m glad that I’m able to write again. It is hard to understand what writer’s block is until you’re the one going through it. 🙂

But, I love this space. And I hope you love it here too.

To more articles.

Love, Linda.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. TNN says:

    What a great read,Good to see you back!

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      Thank you for passing by. I hope to do more.

  2. Lydia says:

    Amazing read.totally relatable

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      Thank you 🤍 I’m glad you relate.

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