Believe In Yourself!


This book. Wow

I “customised” it in my first month in form four. In 2009. At the time I had had a very relaxed previous term. For the first time I got a C+ in Biology. I swear I slept through class the whole term.

So in January, my final year in high school, I decided this was crazy and I should perhaps turn over a new leaf.

So I took one of my many scrap books and did this.

I did get an A- in my KCSE. I should probably have written an A here. Sometimes I feel like I blocked those two points that could have scored me an A. But all the same, proud. I was so proud of me. I also happened to lead in my school that year.

Number two…
I am a model at this point.

I guess that means I have two more to achieve before I can say that I literally predicted who I was going to be…

Long story short, your achievements are deeply rooted in you. Your successes are rooted in you. Your will to be who you want to be is rooted in you.

People take a lot of things for granted and imagine that the world owes them something. It doesn’t.

What you see in yourself is what you will be. Your capabilities will go as far as your vision takes you.

They say “it’s not the lack of capital that fails entrepreneurs. It’s the lack of vision.

You really need to see it in yourself before other people can see it in you. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself you can do it!

The most limiting factor that we have in our lives lies between our ears. Our brain. We make so many excuses for not doing what we really want to because we’re so afraid of potential failure we forget about the potential elevation and success that our dreams could give us.

I told the adults in my family to allow the kids in our family to follow their dreams. To be diverse. To grow and become who they truly want to be.

We’re so stuck on the belief in the 8-4-4 system that we completely forget and ignore the fact that every child is born with God-given talents that are supposed to elevate their lives if they use them wisely.

I say: support your children’s dreams. Support your loved ones’ dreams. And believe in yourself. Set it in your mind that you will. That it’s possible. And it will be.

Believe in yourself!!


Have a great day!


23 thoughts on “Believe In Yourself!

  1. Beautiful article,so very proud of you and your achievements so far and I’m routing for your journey towards the future ones you’ve focussed on. I pray that all come to pass in abundance.

  2. I think I remember vividly reading this writings back in high school including some of your novels.Girl,it has been real.I always looked up to you.Yes,I watched you closely,monitored your steps and followed your paths,and indeed it was the right direction.Your future is bright indeed.Walk shoulders high you never know who is watching.Blue be the sky,and smooth the road.

  3. Beautiful piece Linda. I totally agree when you believe in yourself everything else around you is a distraction. You get to the greatest heights. Keep soaring girl πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. I always knew you had it in you and I believe the next two big achievements are just waiting for you to grab them ❣
    God bless you girl you’ve got this

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