Reality Check


Today I woke up to a really great article; author unknown, and I find it very necessary to share it. Shout out to the original author.

Have a read:

” It’s sad, how most of us guys can’t keep relationships anymore. I find a beautiful lady, who has everything, but I’ll still cheat, or do some lame stuff that will eventually piss her off and she leaves.

It’s not a beautiful site when you meet a lady, who has her life together, God fearing, great character, nice career.. But you ask her, and why are you single with all this? And her answer, most guys nowadays are ridiculously unserious!

You know, there’s something called moulding. Our minds have been moulded to a direction that, for you to feel like a man, you must sleep with many women, infact, the more you sleep with many women the more you become a hero to your boys. But at what expense? Of that faithful God fearing girlfriend / wife?

That’s why a lady will enter into a relationship with a guy, but the dude is extremely clueless. He doesn’t know what to do with her. Traditionally, it’s men who’d hit on women, but nowadays, most ladies see that enyewe if I wait for this dude to come and initiate something, he probably never will. And so she takes the bold step. And when she does, it doesn’t take long before the guy asks her ‘utakuja kunitembelea lini’. Because most of us guys think of just one thing when we see a woman!

We can’t keep a woman, or a relationship with that kinda mentality. We need to rise above that. We need to rise up and be men! Men who will hold a lady’s hand, not to lead her to our houses, but to Christ.

I was reading an article which was saying that even in classes, girls are outperforming boys, infact, one statistician said that at the present trend, the last man to get his bachelor’s degree will do so in 2068. (You might wonna check that up)

Most ladies are soaring high, and it’s a great thing, and for us, well most of us guys, should be motivated by that. How can I handle that kinda lady when I’m just lame and tied to my mediocre thinking, and behavior?

There are good guys, excellent ones, but most of us need to pull up our socks a little bit, this without a doubt by going back to the basics, the Word of God. A God fearing man is everything. He will treat His lady with respect, handle issues the right way, be a great father, because God leadeth Him.

And ladies, speak life to most of us guys, we need it. And you’ll need us to be great husbands and dads in the future! ”

Happy New Month! Blessed March.

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  1. Njagua Martin says:

    great article,well thought and inspiring..!!

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