The Women We Raise: From Little Girl To Queen!


Oh , yes it is.

For starters, Happy Women’s Day to all of the women in the world. It feels good to have a day fully dedicated to celebrate the role of women in the society. It is necessary.

On that note, yes, we are celebrating women, but exactly what kind of women are we raising?  I don’t mean to burst any body’s bubble but I feel like if I don’t say it , nobody will.

When I came to Nairobi (Yes, mimi ni wa kuja. Born in Nairobi, bred in Nyeri. I like to believe that the latter is where I’m from.) , I realised that many things were shocking me because these things were totally unheard of, especially to my high school principal. Shout out to that woman , by the way, she shaped oh so many lives.

There are many things that are a cause of great concern to me especially in this and the coming generation. There is a certain level of moral rot that I honestly can not understand. We’re raising our girls to think that black is ugly. Hence the rise in skin lightening cases. We’re raising our girls to kill their conscience, and make them think that they need to be able to sleep with as many men, as long as she’s in control of her emotions. We’re raising our girls to value the dance floor so much that if you cannot shake your booty then you are less of a woman. We’re teaching our girls that they need to be able to grab a tight hold of men, give them the cookie just to keep them; but how many will they use this strategy on? We’re raising our girls to believe that this ride or die situation is the way to go;  doesn’t matter if he disrespects you or hits you, you have to hold him down. We’re raising them to be twerk misses, and not queens or boss ladies. We’re raising them to compromise on their standards just to fit in. We’re making them believe that the only way to be relevant is to imitate;  deny their own authenticity and originality, just to fit in.

Look around. It is a fully charged competition, who dresses best. Who’s doing better. Who has the best car. And these girls end up running to the sponsors to provide.

By the way, I respect all the women that stay true to themselves, even during the toughest of times. The ones that choose to stay with that person that genuinely loves them, rather than running to some rich old man, just to be able to globe trot and boast on snapchat or Instagram.

Young girls, stick to what you know is true. In fact, stick with your skinny struggling boyfriend. Nothing good ever came easy. Ask Michelle Obama. Be a boss lady. Be a queen.

You may choose the easy way out, living on the fast lane. But is it sustainable?

Nothing feels better than staying true to yourself, and making it. Nothing!

Well, I have been asked severally, Linda what is your project as Miss Earth Kenya? We barely hear from you.

Well, yes. I know. My project is in the youth. In fact, the young girls. The growing girls. I refuse to sit back and watch an entire generation collapse. I want to see women of substance. People that know their worth.

That is my project.

Happy Women’s Day! Let’s raise good women. Women of class, that carry themselves with dignity and respect.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rose Kelly says:

    i am moved by ur words Lindah.u wl surely prosper in ur project…touching lives of thé forgotten woman child, who has the future of Kenyan woman bt lacks the channels and support necessary.KUDOS!! may the sky be ur limit honey

    1. lindagatere says:

      I am happy to hear that. Be blessed

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