A Little Bit Different


When you are a non-conformer , a lot of things become a challenge. Perhaps because we are raised in a society that teaches us how to follow the rules and go by the book. Perhaps because we are taught to be takers, and question nothing.

But you see, there are those of us that have grown to be unconventional. There are a number of us who refuse to submit to things we do not understand; we refuse to conform to societal expectations and rules because we have questions that remain unanswered based on what we are ”supposed” to do or follow.

The non conformist group.


Those of us that see ourselves as non conformist find ourselves dealing with situations that are unprecedented or highly unlikely to happen. But isn’t it that the ones who dare are the same ones who proceed to achieve the unimaginable?

A lot of times we are told that being different is wrong. That we cannot question traditions and beliefs that have been there since time immemorial. Except we can.

Being different is good. It is important to have your own stand and acknowledge your own personal thoughts. To be different is to be bold. To dare to be different. To dare to be you. Because, after all, you are unprecedented too. And if there isn’t somebody out there who is exactly like you, isn’t it that you are already born different?

So, step into your own persona. Be the one that breaks the rules. Rid yourself of anything that causes you pain and sleepless nights. Regardless of the sentimental nature of your relationship to them. Embrace what sets your soul on fire and makes your heart skip a beat over the excitement in you.

I have found that daring to be yourself regardless of what others think or say can be very liberating. To be a person who is driven by their passion; one who follows their dreams and lives life on their own terms is rather rare. And rare is good. It can be a difficult process and a hard to understand journey, but once you settle in it and suddenly have clarity, it all starts to make sense.

Be bold.

Be daring.

Be different.

Be you.


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