What About The Maldives?


If I was to describe the Maldivian Islands in one word, I would say “relaxing”. I know. So cliche, right? But for those of us in our late twenties, going through a million phases and working so tirelessly to keep our heads up, a break from the usual in such a splendid country is more than we could ever hope for.


My husband and I got married a few months ago; going on seven months to be precise, but due to time constraints, we had to have a local honeymoon (which was splendid! We spent a few days at The Ark in Nyeri); and planned for another one later on when time allowed it.

Choosing our airline was a no brainer. Mostly because I am a bit rigid about my preferred airlines; and it was gonna be either Qatar Airways or Emirates.



Now the hiccup was in selecting our accommodation. The Maldives is an incredibly beautiful country and everything looks amazing. It is so hard to pick a resort given that they look so amazing and you do not really want to miss out on anything but, in the end, it was a battle between Bandos Island Resort and Paradise Island Resort. We settled for Bandos, which turned out to be exactly as it is advertised on social media and travel websites. You will start to recognize some places as soon as you spend about two days at the resort.


See, The Maldives is a country with very many islands with some as far as 450km away from the airport. Bandos was ten to fifteen minutes away by speedboat, but you also have the option of using the ferry; although that would take a while longer.

You can choose from several accommodation options including garden villas, ocean villas, classic rooms and standard rooms. All of these are incredible to be honest, but the villas extending into the ocean are completely breathtaking.


There are so many ways to entertain yourself here. What with a complementary option of using the swimming pool, the gym, the sauna, the steam room, a table tennis court, a lounge and baby sitting services for parents with young kids.

There are also activities for adventurous people such as deep sea diving, coral reef planting, scuba diving, jet skiing. The list is endless.


For those of us who love pictures, there are so many picturesque places and views. This place is a perfect spot for a photographer and/or a blogger.

There are plenty of cuisines to choose from; from local cuisines, Japanese cuisines, thai cuisines and international cuisines. There are about five different restaurants and bars on the island serving a variety of dishes from across the globe.



My personal favourite spot on this island was the Orchid Spa. So serene. So relaxing. So breathtaking. It is equipped with a sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi and cute little cottages that serve as the massage rooms. All of the things I want to explore on vacation; and on any day, really. Their massage is also quite top notch; the best I ever I had, I must add.

Bandos was honestly such a great idea for Tim and I. The type of place that gives you much needed clarity and leaves you so rejuvenated and ready to face all the challenges that life comes with.

I strongly recommend it.

Maldives is so beautiful. So amazing. And without a doubt, checked from the bucket list!

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  1. timmy says:

    That’s what I describe as living to define the beautiful experience and great journey.

  2. Betty Bekham says:

    Great post. I nominated you for the Liebster Awards

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