It’s Pageant Season II

Well, it’s almost pageant season once again and the specific country competitions are kicking off!

As usual, each country is picking the best of the year’s entrants to participate in the final show.

To be more specific, the contestants for the 2019 Miss USA edition have been announced, and boy is there competition!!!

They are all so beautiful.

After going through the profiles of these ladies, I realise how the pageant dynamics have changed.

Each of these girls have something to bring to the table. There are doctors, engineers, educators, ladies involved in politics and social development, managers, among others in the list.

I love how they have ladies championing great projects, some in line with the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

While they all seem pretty amazing, here are my favourites.

I could almost bet on them! However, New Mexico, North Carolina and Nevada are my favourites so far. Let’s see how they fair in the coming weeks.

It’s pageant season!

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  1. Sly says:

    Dear Linda, THANKS a lot for your posts, it’s always really GREAT to read you :-))  And, it’s really interesting that you posts about Pageantry ! There would have lots of things to say, but I really support Beauty Pageants, even if for many people it’s useless, or some people (feminists ??) thinks it’s absolutely unacceptable and decrease the value of women, when in fact it’s absolutely the opposite. And as you noticed the profiles of Miss are really GREAT and they are some really brilliant young women with aspirations, dreams, lots of talents and qualities !! I’m in touch with Miss from all aroung the globe, and some of them became friends now, and they are absolute WONDERFUL young woman, and the true definition of beauty, inside and out. Well, I could wrote a lot of things cause I’m supportive of Beauty Pageants, hope it will never disappear. And, you see for some countries (like Egypt or other countries), it’s always a good sign when you see ladies brought back to the Pageants !! So, this time you spoke about Miss USA, it’s clear that this year will be incredible, and honestly we’re really close to a Miss Universe competition, as the ladies are just INCREDIBLE !! And it’s true that your favourites are really GREAT, but I will tell you one thing, the one who will win, my favourite, and I have the privilege to exchange with her, and it’s a MARVELOUS AMAZING young woman, she’s Miss Oklahoma (Triana Browne), and you will see in less than 1 month, she will get the crown and will become Miss USA. Mark my words, and we will speak when there will have the results.Please take a look at her profile and IG, and you will see she’s a FANTASTIC young woman. My favourite, and a person I LOVE a LOT !! Take care my dear Linda, THANKS a LOT for what you’re doing, but above all for WHO YOU ARE !! Many many blessings. Sylva

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