The Pivotal Years

I think the most dangerous thing about growing up is that period when you are in your mid to late twenties. No wonder they are called the pivotal years. This is the period in your life that carries the incredible power to either make or break you. And, for some reason, it always feels like the universe is making extra effort to push all of your buttons and destabilise you.

A lot of us will barely admit to that.

A lot of us are more interested in “looking” like we have everything well thought out and executed because we would hate to be seen for who we really are.

A lot of young girls would rather sell their souls for fast money, than have to work on themselves and grow. They lack that kind of patience.

A lot of us are battling the “why me?” and “when will it be my time?” questions because we have lost faith and patience in both ourselves and God.

We wake up every morning to social media posts about people we know, or used to know, who are now globe trotters, or are doing incredibly well for themselves given the position they were in a year ago and you ask yourself, “….did I take a detour?”

But as we do this, a couple of things are happening:
i) we are comparing ourselves with people who probably do not even care about us!
ii) we are driving ourselves into some levels of anxiety and mental issues, without knowing what we are doing.
iii) we are losing faith in God and ourselves!

None of these is healthy.

In fact, what happens when we are constantly comparing ourselves with people and caving in to societal pressure is that we lose ourselves. And in the process, we stand to lose our sanity and self worth.

It is not worth it.

Earlier today, a friend of mine shared a post by Biko Zulu where he talks about each one of us having their own time. Their own race! Their own levels of preparation. That woman you think is doing better than you probably had a five year head start. That man who seems to have it all together probably had an inheritance. And you would be a fool to think that you are not enough. That you have failed. That you are not trying hard enough.

Each one of us is pitted against different obstacles. We are all born into specific circumstances and have different abilities. The success of your peers does not translate to your failure.

You are enough.

You are great.

And when the time is right, God will make it happen for you. Always remember that His timing is the best. And He is aware of your heart’s desires.

Be patient.

Have faith.

When it’s time, every one of your tribulations will make sense.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace Wainaina says:

    ThiI love this one. I kinda relate to this.

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      I’m so glad. Thank you

  2. I love this article 💕 thank you for this

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      Thank you for reading

  3. timmy says:

    The two most powerful warriors; Patience & Time. I love that.

  4. sarahgikonyo says:

    Very relate-able. Thanks for the reminder

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      I’m glad that you can resonate. Take it a day at a time

  5. Mchesi wambete says:

    When Is the next article coming out? Merci pour ces mots de sagesse.

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      Merci beaucoup pour votre feed-back. J’apprécie beaucoup.

    2. Linda Gatere says:

      I’m working on another one for this week.

  6. Garang wa Chawuoch says:

    Thanks for the nice piece. Very educative and inspiring

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