Like An Eagle

On so many occasions, we’re often asked, “If you were an animal, what animal do you think you would be?” I hear a lot of people say they would be lions. Mostly lions. Perhaps because the lion is the king of the jungle. That he exudes power and prowess.

But not me. Every time someone asked me this question, my answer was simple and precise. I would be an eagle.

I could not see myself as anything else. But again, as a child, I did not necessarily have a good reason to say this. Then I grew up. In my journey to adulthood and through it, I realised why I was inclined to be an eagle.

See, when I look at myself, my past and the various journeys that I have been through, I see an eagle. And I strongly believe that this character refined itself based on what I thought of myself; whether or not I understood it at the time.

I think of eagles as elegant creatures; set on their own path. They do not fly in groups. They define their individuality. They have piercing, sharp eyes that can quite literally see through your soul; laser focused! They know what their targets are and they go for them! Their claws are sharp; and they hold on tight to what is important to them. They are not afraid to reach for greater heights. And when we say, “Soar greater heights”, at the back of our minds we are thinking about eagles.

As I’ve grown older, I have come to think of myself as an Eagle and a Phoenix cross-breed. I’m not sure how that would work, but I see it. See, the Phoenix would rise from the ashes. From whatever tried to bring them down, it would rise. Because life is full of challenges, but somehow, we make it through.

We need the sort of attitude that would sail us through anything. The kind of attitude that would uplift us. The kind of attitude that catapults us to great heights; unlocking our greatest potential; transforming us into the people we are meant to be.

Do not be afraid of greatness. Do not be afraid of reaching into the unknown. A lot of people that succeeded believed in themselves beyond what society set as standard. These people thought out of the box and were not afraid to reach for their dreams. To set goals AND take a shot at them.

Be a Phoenix when life ruffles you up. Dust yourself off and give it another shot.

But be an Eagle all through. Stay focused. Learn. Set your goals and go for them. Fly on your own lane. Follow your own path and believe in your abilities. You will be surprised how much greatness you have shelved in your potential.

Do not be afraid to go all out. Because, when you least expect it, that is when everything you need is within your reach.

Love, Linda.

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