The Power Of The Mind.

“Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve”

I recently started reading a really great book, The Magic Of Thinking Big. Over the past couple of months, I have found myself reading more books than I have in the past five years. Perhaps because, as the days go by, I realise more each day that the mind is your most powerful tool yet.

This book, by David Schwartz, focuses on how possible it is for our thoughts to manifest into reality. You see, as a man thinketh, so is he. You become your thoughts because your thoughts have the power to shape your reality.

In life, you may have observed, what you give power to is what will be. Look at the people around you that say “That’s not for me” or “I cannot do it”. They’re the same people whose life seemingly stagnates because they have already created an aura around them, a negative energy that convinces them of the impossibilities of life.

Your thoughts create your reality. You may find it hard to believe, seeing as most of us believe in fate and the universe, but I am of the opinion that whatever vibrations you send out to the universe, the universe will send them back in return. Willpower, resilience, tenacity. All three of which are powerful tools in achieving success and stepping up your goal ladder.

We need to learn how to get rid of the three F’s: Fear, Failure, and Frustrations. But remember, it’s all in your mind. You are always, at any given point in time, in a position to turn your life around and shoot for the stars. We create our own reality. We dictate what happens in our lives. We are the main characters in it, and our decisions, our thoughts, our actions all participate in creating our reality.

Often, if you’re ambitious, a thinker, you will find people telling you that your goals are too big and far from reach, that your ambition is larger than life, and basically give you several reasons why it’s impossible. But remember, Walt Disney started from a single thought and a mouse. Airplanes came about because two brothers thought out of the box and weren’t afraid to give it a shot; whether they fail or not. Steve Jobs believed in his ability to create something that would change the world. Mark Zuckerbag saw MySpace, and believed that he could create something bigger and better. And he did!

In your quest for success and achievement, you are bound to fall back. It’s not a myth. It’s not surprising. It is expected. A lot of us fail to realise our full potential because we listen to the little voices of doubt in our heads. We fail because we are terrified of failure and disappointments.

But, remember, as a man thinketh, so is he. You are your thoughts. Fine tune your mind to work for you.

After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Power Of Broke, these two books emphasised on what I already knew at the back of my mind. That there is power in the mind. That our thoughts shape our future. That we grow to be who we think we can be.

You are only as good as you believe you can be. The limitations of your mind determine your ability and capability altogether.

Be careful what you feed your mind. And let your thoughts propel you into boundless achievements.

To a great weekend.

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  1. djbanns says:

    Great writing and thought process.

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