Living In Purpose

A lot of times, we speak about ambition and purpose. For some of us, we believe that we are born for a reason. That there is a divine purpose for which we were placed on earth, and that we must find it, and fulfil it. For some, maybe not.

My friend and i were having a discussion yesterday about purpose, what we think about it and how we interpret it.

Purpose:- a person’s sense of resolve or determination. Also, the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

In the past week, the entertainment industry lost a legendary artist over purported suicide. In the statement released by his family, he was struggling to find meaning and purpose in his life. And to be honest, this report saddened me in ways i never imagined. The fact that young people struggle so hard to find meaning and purpose in their lives to the point where depression checks in and suicide becomes an option makes me look at this situation as a global crisis.

We have a lot of young people who are lost, misguided and in a bad place. A lot of us do not know why we are here, nor do we know what we should do with our lives. And while some are lucky to stumble upon their vocations and careers in their early twenties, many people still battle with the monster that is “Finding Your Way Through Life”. And it doesn’t help that we lack role models and guidance.

A lot of the problems that young people face stem from the fact that they lack guidance. We live in a fast paced world where everyone is busy on the freeway, no one has time to look back and see who gets stuck.


Listen, not everyone gets to fulfill their purpose in life. In fact, not everyone understands it. And not knowing this does not make you a failure, or push you back in comparison to peers whom you may feel already understand theirs. You have your mission, your passion, your vocation, your profession. Any of all these can give you just the same amount of self efficacy that you look for in finding purpose. It just so happens that purpose is a rare mix of all four. You just need to find a balance.


And if you do find your purpose, live in it! Fulfil it. Grow in it. Let it be known.

Yes, we are all born for a reason. And that reason is revealed to you when the time is right. After all, we are God’s children, right? Take pride in that.

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