Step Into Your Own Persona

Now, I spent a lot of time toying around with this topic. I have also written numerous posts in the past about self comparison, feeling inadequate, knowing who you are and being true to yourself.

In my observations, I’ve come to realise that most of us, at some point or another, have done things with the illusion of someone else’s personality, that we’ve convinced ourselves that we can successfully imitate them and achieve the same or be the same thing. But in most cases, we fail. Because we try to be a copy of someone else.

Our individuality is exactly what sets us apart. Who we are, who we are born to be and who we become can all be the same person depending on our attitude towards life and situations. Our personality affects everything about our lives; our behaviour, our attitude, our successes and failures, our achievements, how we feel about ourselves and those around us, among other things.

But listen, it’s all in the mind.

You attract what you think about and focus your energies on. If you choose greatness, regardless of what life throws your way, you will emerge victorious. Whatever the situation. Success is a state of mind.

What sets people apart has everything to do with who you are as a person and your attitude. Your individuality, personality and attitude dictates who you become.

Therefore, when you choose to ignore who you are, and somehow formulate a whole new person as per your imagination, you let go of who you are meant to be.

Remember, God created us for a reason. We are born in purpose. We are born in greatness. It is important to seek God above all else.

Our uniqueness and individuality is a gift and we need to acknowledge it in the greatest way possible; by assuming that role and being the best of ourselves.

I talk about depression and anxiety a lot because I realised that most of what we feel and drives us to these situations is all in the mind. That if we focus on ourselves a little bit more and ignore societal expectations and “standards”, sometimes, if not all times, we are able to grow ourselves into great individuals. We let expectations and societal standards push us into who we are not. Rise above it.

Be yourself. Everyone else will adjust. Allow yourself to step into your own persona. Step into who you are meant to be. Grow and be great in who you are.

And success will follow you all through your days.

To a great weekend!

Author: Linda Gatere

I am a music lover. ❀ I am pro progress and upward mobility for everyone. Let's support one another. >> Motivation. Inspiration. Achievement. Progress.

6 thoughts

  1. Hey there Linda, i have reminded myself so much more from your post.
    I totally loved it.
    I needed this on a such a day as monday.
    Great read, thank you


  2. Hey there Linda, i have reminded myself so much more from your post.
    I totally loved it.
    I needed this on such a day as monday.
    Great read, thank you


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