The Unspoken Truth: Mental Health


Mental health. Ever said it out loud?

What is it?

By definition, mental health is “a level of psychological well-being, or an absence of mental illness. It is the “psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment”.”

I bet you already know this.

One of the most unspoken truths has to do with the absence of mental health amongst ourselves. Mainly because we have been made to believe that the only state under which one can have some sort of instability has to do with insanity. This feels very much like a brainwash.


Since it is considered taboo, particularly in African cultures, less is said about mental health. I attribute most of the troubles that many have to this silence.

We live in a world where anyone willing to talk about their issues and problems is frowned upon; a society in which everyone is so self centred and narcissistic that most are oblivious of the monster eating up their own; a society in which personal competition is so rife that we “enjoy” other people’s miseries.

It is a sad situation.

I know of plenty people who have had depression, some who are still battling depression; constantly debating whether or not to commit suicide, and some who have lost this battle.


This phenomenon has gotten to a point where it has become a very serious threat to humanity. You do not know the value of peace of mind, until you don’t have it.

And I feel that as Christians/Muslims, and people devoted to humanity and purpose, it is our given duty and responsibility to make it right and safe for one another. Make the environment secure and warm enough for people’s peace of mind.


For this reason, my friend, Idah Nguma, and I chose to start a Non-Government Organization that focuses solely on depression, mental health and healing.

We truly hope that we can count on your support; for those battling depression, as an organization and in the journey to freedom to express oneself freely and wholly.

It’s a journey. Walk with us.

Follow our pages on all social media accounts. Our website will be out soon. Espère Org.

To a fruitful weekend.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. mark says:

    what ever happend to this did u give up?

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      Hi Mark. No I did not. It’d still work in progress.

  2. mark says: watch this video everything being taught about mental illness is a lie, mental illnesses are all curable but massive billionaire drug companies dont want you to know that causejust want to keep pumping pills into people

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