First, Take Care Of Yourself.


When you think about it, is your glass half full or half empty? Or is it not even a glass, and what you have in your hand is a cup? I don’t know, I’m just trying to bring perspective into this.

You see, over time, depending on how you were raised or basically who you are as a person, you may have found yourself in numerous situations where you feel a nagging need to help those around you or at least be there for people and offer undying support; even though the same is mostly never reciprocated.

Have you ever been the type of person who always remembers special occasions, holidays and milestones; constantly wishing others well and getting nothing in return?

Well, this is for you.

There are people whom by nature are great people; loving and lovable in return. And there is no fault in being a great person. However, most of these people find themselves giving one too many chances to others who may or may not care much about them. And they may never see this because they believe in kindness and good deeds. Don’t get me wrong, I am for all of these, except when it gets to a point where it damages who you are as a person.

I saw a link on social media this morning that says, “I am so afraid of disappointing the people I love, I often forget that I am someone I love too. And I need kindness as much as I believe the people I love do.”

It got me thinking about a few things; the highlight of it being that ” You cannot pour from an empty cup.” Many people do not understand this at all. Given, no man is an island, and we all need love. But sometimes we forget that “we” is inclusive of ourselves! Not just the people around us. And it is important to really and truly take care of ourselves as human beings first before we can go out of our way to help and take care of others.

Once upon a time, I was one of these people. On the front line trying to make sure that everyone around me was okay. Until one day I was not; and there were very few people that actually realized this and came through for me. And it got me to a point where I decided to work on myself first; take care of myself first; be selfish and put myself at the very top of my priorities. Best decision of my life! You find yourself going through a freeing process where at the end of it all, you learn your value. You learn to love yourself just a little bit more; and in the process learn how to love others better, without taking away some of the love that you deserve as well.

Make it a point, this month, to love YOU and take care of YOU just a little bit more.

It is understandable that you want to give the best to those around you; but you can only do that when you are at your best. Be a little selfish. Make yourself a priority!

It’s June!

It’s Gemini Season.

PS: I’m a Gemini too.

Happy New Month.

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  1. Enkromelle says:

    Self-love giving a Lil bit of that to myself first. Beautifully written

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