I Choose Happiness :)



When we were younger, we were carefree; with absolutely no responsibilities besides performing well in school. A tiresome day was as a result of playing outside all day; or from being in school learning and playing. Basically, living. Enjoying ourselves.

But we grow up; excited that we are finally eighteen and young adults; imagining that freedom to do as we please is pure bliss. However, as we grow, we are assimilated into the “adult” culture, we go to university to set off in pursuit for a solid career of our choice, in great anticipation of financial freedom and a great life. We are thrown into an abyss of dissatisfaction, insatiable wants and needs and a lifetime pursuit of happiness.

Sadly, most of us, if not all of us, are never prepared for adulthood. We lack adequate preparation and truth to allow us mental peace to guide us through adulthood. As a result, our entire post-adolescent phase is a mixture of soul searching, succumbing to peer pressure and a nagging feeling of failure and/or hopelessness. Which brings us to a highly alarming rate of depression in young adults.


The most scary thing of all is that most of us have some level of mental health problems, but we do not know it! We are all busy trying to forge ahead, make something of ourselves, pressurizing ourselves to believe that for our age we have failed to achieve; not knowing that we are driving ourselves right into a road on which turning back is an uphill climb. We compare ourselves with our peers and become the greatest critics of ourselves that we fail to see how good we are, or how far we’ve come; that we end up driving ourselves to hopelessness. We start to feel like underachievers. We feel like we have failed our parents. We feel that we have a lot to live up to in society but we don’t know how to. We become so sad with ourselves that we withdraw from our social circles; and feel unwanted or below standard.

Sadly, I have witnessed a lot of people in my age bracket go through this; that I feel the need to speak out.

If you are a young adult going through some sort of depression or anxiety, or as most call it “The Quarter Life Crisis”, I want you to listen to me.


There are a lot of people out here who are in the exact same position as you are. Most of the youth is struggling to figure out what career path to take, whether or not it would be right to switch careers even before they start, whether or not the person whom they call a partner is the right one for them, whether to leave a relationship or try harder, whether or not to take up a job opportunity that is completely different from what they studied, or whether or not they will actually be as wealthy as they had hoped to be when they were younger.

A lot of the people you may compare yourself with are struggling just the same as you are. You are not a failure. You are not by any means hopeless. You are strong. You are gifted. You will become the person you set your mind to becoming. You can and you will achieve any goals that you set for yourself; with a little bit of faith and a lot of God in you. You’re a winner!

The idea to a happy and fulfilling life is to know and understand that you are not in a race with anyone. You are your own individual. Look back at your life and see the little milestones that you often overlook. Like that certificate you got when you completed any level of education. That’s a milestone. Or when you learnt how to do something new that you never imagined you would ever understand. Or when you learnt a new word and felt like you would use it in every single sentence that came out of your mouth.

The point is, there are little achievements and milestones throughout your past that mean a lot to you, but you often overlook them.

Take pride in them. Take pride in who you are. Understand that you are on your own path that is unlike any other. Be happy. You are going somewhere.

And always remember, that as long as you are breathing, God has a purpose for you. Find it; and live it. There is no such thing as a worthless person. We are purposeful. We are great!

If you know of anyone who may have any signs of depression or hopelessness; feel free to share this article with them. It is meant for them.

Have a great new week; and live in your purpose!

You are worth it!



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Atalia says:

    thankyou for giving me such a great advice, love it

  2. sarahgikonyo says:

    You can and you will achieve any goals that you set for yourself; with a little bit of faith and a lot of God in you. You’re a winner!….This sums it all. Great Piece.

  3. Linda Gatere says:

    Thank you Sarah. I’m glad you love it.

  4. Wow yu can change somone’s life….continue with the gd wrk

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      Thank you so much Munya for your kind words. It is responses like yours that keep me motivated.

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