Hair Care Tips 101


A woman’s hair is her greatest pride and joy. Her hair and her styling of choice is an integral part of her overall look. Some love it short, trimmed, long, afro, curly, among many other variations.

However, every woman shares a common goal: to have beautiful hair!

While many of us may not know exactly what makes our hair different from the next person’s hair, the truth is that our lifestyles and choice of products greatly affects how our hair turns out.

One of the most important things that we should all maintain, before we decide on what products to use, is a healthy diet, and constant water intake. Guaranteed.

Over time, I have experimented with my own hair enough to know what works, and what does not. At one point, I made the grave mistake of switching stylists. You see, a woman can gamble with literally anything, but never with the person who handles her hair!

So this one time, I had my hair retouched by someone totally new! I imagined that since they were “professionals” all would be well. That was in April 2015. By July 2015, I kid you not, all the hair that had been retouched in April fell off! All of it. And I was back to square one.

As expected, I decided to braid for about three months to make sure my hair grew back on the same length; then I had it retouched once again by my usual stylist.

This is where my journey to discovering great products begun.

I am not a atrocious spender, by default. However, I recognize that cheap things are ultimately very expensive. I decided to try some products that many find either too pricey, or uncommon. I’ll let you know why.

I decided to use two specific shampoos and conditioners, Tresemme, and Pantene.

I was introduced to Tresemme, and two months down the line I saw great progress. My hair had great body, it was silky and smooth. I decided that this was it.

I was now on a mission to find great hair sprays and oils.

Hair food, as I discovered, is an unnecessary gamble. It makes your hair sticky, flat and catch on dust very fast.

Some of the best oils are from Schwarzkopf, Loreal and Vatika. The variety is crazy! There’s Moroccan Argan Oil that is great for your hair! Olive oil, Castor Oil, and Coconut Oil.

For the oils, ensure that you apply to the scalp. And if you have to oil your hair, a little bit is enough.

Use hair spray mostly to style your hair. Most sprays are oily, so that should not worry you much.

The best ones, as I discovered, are Schwartzkopf, L’oreal and Olive Oil.

The best thing about having your own products at home is that you can do most things by yourself, and having a stock of your own products guarantees great results after some time!

I hope you achieve satisfactory results if you choose to try this as well! Good luck.

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