Stay Woke!


2017 started on a high note; with so much activity that it has been nearly two months since and I have not made any posts here. However, I hope you’re having a fruitful time.

As we all know, this is the year when we go to the polls as Kenyans, a situation that inevitably brings unwarranted tension among many. While I do realize that I swore to never write about anything political, or bordering on the same, I feel the necessity to mention a few things.

Note that my words are not in any way politically inclined, I simply want to air my views.

The worst thing about the polls is very simple, it brings out the tribalist in everyone. When the US went to the polls in November last year, we watched and followed, and for some reason a sensible percentage of Kenyans were on the same page.

Many hated the republican candidate as they felt that he was racist and divided the nation. However, from a third party perspective, you realize that he did not force anyone who facilitated the win to vote. No. He simply watched the tendencies of those in his demographic target, and banked on it. He realized that there may be a few who are still racist, but suppress or hide their true views based on the current state of affairs. And he banked on that. He simply shone light on the weakness of the people.

Similarly, I hear so many people complain about our leadership, the state of the nation, corruption, among a mirage of many other things. And i keep saying, yes, that is indeed the situation. However, each and every one of us is just as liable to the current state as every single leader.


Allow me to explain myself. When you ask your peers and everyone else why they like or dislike a certain leader, their answers always touch on the tribe that the said person comes from. Whether in good or bad light. We have made it so obvious and so essential that we choose our leaders based on tribal lines. And they know. The whole world knows. And they bank on it. They simply feed you with what you want to eat.

Whoever said that we are judged based on how we think was absolutely right.

From where I stand, I would choose someone based on their view and plan for the economy; on vital sectors such as agriculture, foreign trade, health, education, industrialization, international relations, infrastructure, environment. All these are very important factors that I guarantee many voters either do not understand, or do not value, or simply just ignore. And that is the problem.

As we go into the election period, I urge all Kenyans to be more woke, understand that you are just as liable for the state of the economy as I am, as your siblings are, and as our leaders are.

It is our nation. Value it. Show that you care more about its prosperity.

You always get what you ask for.

Say no to tribalism; to marginalization, to hatred.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. creativesharingblog says:

    You highlighted it absolutely well. Ignorance has been on the forefront on the values of our nation. People have lost it in Patriotism and Harmony.

    #Choose Peace

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      Absolutely! And the only way to raise awareness is to talk about it and be more informed. There’s no shortcut.

      1. creativesharingblog says:

        Yes yes…Will start posting on this issues been writing and not sharing.
        Thank you for the Woke up piece.

  2. shein coupon says:

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