Corporate Bulldogs


I’ve been skeptical about whether or not I should write this post. I choose to be bold about it, it might inspire someone. Who knows.

A while back, I read an article shared by Mark Maina, a great blogger by the way! It was about corporate BMWs and Range Rovers. To be honest, the capacity to which I related to this article was compelling. I read every sentence and I couldn’t help but be extremely amused by the reality of it.

As a young lady that had gone through quite a number of experiences, I learned to perfect the hustle at a very queer age. My age mates were either out partying or falling in love with different people every two months, and I was networking! Meeting very many new people. Learning so much from people I barely knew. All through campus, I worked. Initially, it was for fun. And being the person that I am, I loathed having to ask for money for the seemingly most meaningless things. If you’ve been to campus and lived in hostels, you know that your parents sort of plan and budget for a whole month and/or week in advance for you. There’s no room for adjustment. I craved independence.

As the years went by, I had achieved a certain level of professionalism with every company that I worked for that I could plan my week in advance. I would work for about three different companies per week!

On this particular week, this lady boss issued a schedule of activities, and as usual, I planned ahead. Made sure everything fell in place and nothing collided. Then at some point, she decided to swap my schedule with someone else. I called her. I asked her not to do this as I had already planned my week ahead and this would mess me up. She asked that I call the other places that I had organised with and tell them that I wouldn’t be going.

Now this was a tricky part. See, the reason as to why I got shuffled wasn’t an urgent matter. It was “just because”. Being the who I am, I told her that this wouldn’t be right.  It would interfere with my hustle.

I got a mouthful of words after this. But what rung in my mind was this, “Linda, the day you reach my level , then and only then can you come and go head to head with me! ”

I wondered what I did wrong.

But the words never left my mind. To date. I was twenty two then. Still in campus , of course.

The other day , my colleagues and I were talking about the difference between a leader and a boss. The difference between fear and respect. I told them, if and when I do become a CEO and/or MD, I  will be a leader. Not a boss. I will prefer respect over fear , any day.

Then I said, “The secret to a successful business is in your employees. Treat your employees like actual human beings. Not as your friends, but as people you respect and who work for you.”

I’ve had a supervisor that called her subordinates stupid. Just because. The results? They smiled when the “boss” was around. And talked the worst about her behind her back.

Be a leader. Not a boss. I’m only twenty four, but I’ve experienced the best of both worlds. I’ve had a boss before. I have a leader now. There is a huge difference.

Have a great weekend.

….and, Hello October!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tchykae says:

    While I obviously prefer being a leader to being a boss,often times these things boil down to perception… it’s really a lot about what’s around you and what you can see. Perspective is the key here

    1. lindagatere says:

      Perspective is very important. True.

  2. Prince Mware says:

    So true.
    Great article Linda

  3. Koskey lindah says:

    Am really inspired by this article! Respect over Fear anytime. Thanx Linda.

    1. Linda Gatere says:

      Thank you for passing by Linda. I’m happy that my article felt relevant to you.

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