Thoughts Build Character


Every so often we are told to be careful what we choose to focus on. For what we set our minds on, occupy it and create our future. That what we think, we become.

Thoughts are a powerful part of everyday life; there isn’t a time in our lives when we are not thinking. But very often, as human beings, we opt to set focus on the downs in life, we focus on situations that we have no control over, we exert too much pressure on our minds constantly thinking of things that are beyond our abilities and consequently put too much stress on our bodies; compromising on our health and peace of mind.

Naturally, I am an overthinker. I microanalyse everything. I try to find the sense in everything. I try to make sure I am in constant control; that I have total understanding of everything around me. Or at least I used to.

Then came a time when I had an awakening of some sort. Truthfully, over the years, having experienced and faced different circumstances; my faith has grown. Tremendously. I realized the best feeling in the world: letting God be in control! This took so much baggage and stress from my back; gave me clearer and more focused thoughts; and great understanding.

I know that many people may not understand this. Others might even disregard it. But a person who lives and relies on strong faith will feel the difference.  When you are engulfed by thoughts and stress about life, it weighs on you. When you think negatively, it impacts your life because that is where your focus is; meaning that all your energy is directed to it. But when you understand and believe that God knows your plight, that He understands you and loves you as His dear child, you begin to understand that He wants the best for you. He will help you out. He will bring calm in your chaotic life. That He will have your back.

Focus your thoughts only on the positive. Focus on your happiness, and you will achieve happiness. Focus on your success, and you will achieve success. What we think, we become.

Our thoughts shape our future. Thoughts build character. Focus on the positive aspect of life.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. TNN says:

    Thank you Linda for that very enlightening article.

  2. lindagatere says:

    You’re welcome 😊

  3. Mark Maish says:

    That’s why I always say, life is full of frustrations some we can’t avoid but being happy is a choice one has to make every single day. Great piece!

  4. lindagatere says:

    That is absolutely true, Mark. Thank you

  5. stanley says:

    this piece inspires me thanks

    1. lindagatere says:

      Thank you Stanley.

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