The Power Of The Tongue: Part I

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The tongue is a powerful tool. A boneless part of the body, but one with great power: power to kill, power to destroy, power to break; power!

We are often told to be mindful of what we say; to choose our words wisely, and to hold our tongues if we have nothing good to say. But how many of us really abide by this? I have come to realize that there is so much truth in this. I realize that all of the things I said about myself eventually do happen. Before i did my KCSE exam, i made this book that I shared here a few months back. On it, i wrote my names, and said that I would achieve an A- grade in my final high school exam, perhaps because I hadn’t performed very well in the previous term, I didn’t see the possibility of scoring straight As. I also wrote that i would be a model, an author, a musician and grow up to be a CEO in a multinational bank. I’ve seen two of these five predictions happen exactly as I said they would.

I chose my path when I wrote this about myself.

I have seen people live lives with zero satisfaction; and I realize that the unhappy and dissatisfied people are the ones who say the worst things about themselves.

“How are you? How’s life coming through for you?”

Their response: “Iko tu. Mashida ndio tunakazana nazo” (Meaning “It’s just there. We’re just struggling with problems”). I get so angry any time I am speaking to someone and they bring out in full force all the negativity they can master. They talk about how poor they are. How problematic life is to them. How people are annoying them. How they don’t think they can achieve certain heights because they have no money and/or other resources hence this is impossible. It’s not!

Nothing is impossible. Nothing is that far beyond reach. Faith. Faith and hard work is the only way to achieving.

It’s really important to learn to speak life to yourself. Speak of only the great things for yourself. Refuse to say anything negative with your name embedded on it.

Be the type of person whose faith is unshaken; the type of person that amazes people with their character and upbeat personality. Believe in yourself.

Sometimes, it is not life being unfair to us. We are unfair to ourselves when we speak ill of ourselves. We say things that we probably do not want in our lives, but since we confessed it, we posses it. That is life.

What you confess, you posses.

Your tongue has power to build you up and elevate you to heights you never thought possible. The same tongue has capacity to destroy your life and completely demolish any dreams you ever had.

Choose wisely.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie Umwiza says:

    This is so true and I can relate to the power of the tongue.I’ve witnessed it so many times in my life.Amazing read!

  2. Amazing article you’ve got there. Truly, the tongue is the sharpest and greatest weapon

    1. lindagatere says:

      It surely is 💟

      1. Kudos my fellow writer!

  3. Great article.With our tongues, we can forecast our future to brightness. At the same time,we can choose the unfortunate.Lets be keen on our tongues and what we say.Thank you

    1. lindagatere says:

      It’s true. Thank you for reading.

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