So Different, Yet So Similar!

2016-02-03 13.52.59

You know, sometimes I sit and think about all the people who “have it all together”. Great career, great family, great upcoming family perhaps, great social life; great everything. These are the people we love to idolize. We look up to them and think that they automatically got there, or were born with such privileges. The families you are born into perhaps.

What we do not realize is that there is one thing that equalizes all of us; that we are all human. That we are all really just trying to forge ahead. And that when we compare ourselves to those who seem to have achieved more, we become very unfair to ourselves. We are our very own negative critiques because we concentrate so much on what we do not have as compared to others, and forget about how far we have come. We face many challenges in life. All of which are different in formation, in magnitude and impact. We simply face different situations and/or circumstances. Hence, when we look at the much that a person has progressed from where they started out, they are successful.

It is important that we learn to celebrate our own achievements; our own seemingly small successes; our own growth.

The truth is that the person you idolize, idolizes someone else; who idolizes someone else. We are all quite different, but similar in human nature.

Do not be too hard on yourself.

Happy New Week!

Stay motivated. Stay focused.

You are still work in progress.

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