You Can Do It!


It’s exam period, and my thoughts drift to the young girls that prefer shortcuts to personal achievements; living on the fast lane to working their way to success.

A lot of young girls feel pressured to live up to their friends’ lifestyles, often comparing themselves with the elite and trying to get to the same level. But we’re born as individuals. Each one to his own path. You cannot be quite like another person, or live like another person, because then you will be a copy; not an original.

You feel pressured to do whatever it takes to rise up. You can, do whatever it takes, as long as it is morally upright, legal and in compliance with the word of God.

Often we hear the question, “What does it benefit a person to gain the whole world but lose his soul?” But do we really understand it? We are keen on living up to societal standards and peer pressure, that we forget to forge our own paths, be in line with His word , and then everything else falls in place!

To the young girl debating on whether to make that regrettable decision, DON’T. It’s not worthy of your peace of mind, or your dignity and self respect.

Nothing feels better than enjoying the fruits of your own efforts and hard work. Stay strong! Stay motivated. Stay focused. You’ll get there.

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