The Price.


In my life, during my interactions with people and without needlessly stating the obvious, I have come to understand that success is one of those things that we all desire in life.

Whether you’re born poor, born rich, born physically fit or otherwise, you want to be successful. You want for people to remember you as a truly successful and wealthy person. You want to be able to stand in front of a congregation and narrate your success story. You want to inspire those around you. You want to be a role model to the young people.

Everybody wants success.

But the big question would be, what are you willing to do to gain that success? What are you willing to lose to gain something else?

I believe in reaping the fruits of your own efforts. If you’re like me, then you are the type of person who’s been raised to be independent and not expect much from others. And I truly believe, and can testify, that there is no greater feeling than seeing the changes in your life coming about as a result of your relentless efforts; your hard work; your sweat.

But as I have come to realize, most of my age mates, or rather those in my age bracket, are trying to live like a 45 year old, when they’re only 23 and with no work or entrepreneurial experience. And as a result, we have stories such as that of the Kenyan lady who flew to the States to be with her “lover” who turned her into a sex slave.

Girls are busy dating people twice their age, or the ages of their fathers and grandfathers; just to get a little more money and live lavishly.

Some people are so wiling to sacrifice anything and anybody in their life, for the sake of a few more dollars or shillings. And I ask myself, why? What would it gain a man to gain everything, but lose his soul? What would it gain any woman to get all the money she possibly can, and lose her dignity, integrity and self respect?

Life has many chances. And twice as much shortcomings. You just need to learn how to dance to every tune and surf on the waves.

Not every opportunity-looking experience is an opportunity worth risking. Some risks are not palpable.

Be wise.

Pray for discernment.

Pray for knowledge.

And avoid falling into pits that you can genuinely live without.

Trust in the process; and believe in God’s timing. Its always the best.

Have a blessed week


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