As You Grow!


As you grow, you get to see most of the things you thought you knew in a different light.

You realize that your life is your life. Period. It’s your personal business, and the decisions you make are investments. If you make a stupid decision, you reap terrible fruits. If you choose to make the logical and wise choice, then you get to be happy.

You realize that your relationships are nobody’s business but your own; nobody has to know what is going on. You two want to take a trip to Zanzibar over the weekend? Then by all means do. But twitter does not need to know. Instagram doesn’t need to see every little detail of your life.

As you grow, you will rub shoulders with a number of people, even though you prefer to be a peaceful person. You realize that we were not all born the same, we were not raised in a similar manner.

You’ll make your first mistake. It will be the beginning of your life lessons.

You will have your first 8:00-5:00 job. It will open your eyes to what you want, what you need, what you can stand, and what your limits are in the line of business.

You will draft your first resignation letter. It will teach you exactly  what modesty and courtesy are. You will learn how to be rational, and know the value of leaving the bridges you cross intact.

You will be fired for the first time! For whatever reason. Either way, pick yourself up and move forward. Sometimes, this is a blessing in disguise. Nothing is ever coincidental.

You will experience your first heartbreak. It will teach you not to settle for what you feel is an unnecessary compromise. It will teach you to stick to your standards, and how to truly love the one you were made for. It will teach you that not all arguments are worth burning bridges for.

You will hit your first rock bottom moment. Heck, you might experience bankruptcy. No money. No way forward. You will learn how to value what you have. You will learn that not everyone has the privilege to have what you have. And that people really do only love you in good times. Stay strong.

You will experience your first breakthrough. It will show you that God lives, and He is a powerful Lord. It will also be a test of your humility and sense of gratitude. It will test whether or not you will remain true to who you are.

And there will come a time when you will experience peace of mind. You will be a source of good advice to those younger than you. Sometimes, older than you. For all the above do not have an age limit. They could come to you young…or in your late 50s. It’s all dependent on God’s timing.

Appreciate every little detail in your life. All those terrible happenings that you just wish away and wish they never happened; those are relevant. All the good times you have with people, those are relevant too.

For every person who comes into your life serves a purpose.

Be grateful 🙂

…and have yourself a Super Duper Sunday!!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I like 💯! Great piece

  2. Wanjiru says:

    Great read!! Wise words..

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