Leading Young.

I decided to go through my old blog; and I found some great gems in there. I love my work, and, incase you missed out on my previous blog, I will be posting some of those articles here.

Read away.

Lately, I have been receiving quite a number of comments from my readers asking me why i have not released any posts lately. I apologise for the silence, but i have been crazy busy trying to put everything together in time for my trip to Austria to compete in the Miss Earth Beauty Pageant.

With that said, there is something that has really bugged me for the longest time. At a time when technology is so advanced and the internet access and communication is just a click away, i find that our generation and the ones behind us are set for quite a conflicting life. Peer pressure used to be something that you would only find in places where there was a group of agemates; safe to say that when your kid was home, they were at a lower risk of it.

However, with the easy access to the internet with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pintrest, to name a few, it is very easy for the youth to fall victims of “peer pressure”. Not by incitement, but by comparison. The problem is that most people do not understand that there is a very huge gap between social media and real life.

A few days ago, i had a conversation with a girl i met at a TVC casting call. I was shocked and depressed to realise how casual it has become to talk about sleeping with directors and the iminent spread of STDs. She was telling me of the many instances in her career that she has seen young girls trade sex for a role in adverts. I have heard of the possibility of such things happening; but I never really thought it was that rampant.

Which brings me to my current read, Leading Young by Gibson Anduvate; a book that was given to me by my mentor, Derek BBanga. In chapter 7, the writer vividly writes the chapter topic as follows; “Keep Your Pants On”

In a generation that is considered highly rotten, it is the most difficult thing to keep your head afloat and demand respect for holding on to your dignity. Why? Everybody expects you to be casual about everything; forgetting what is written in the Bible. I mean, if you cannot grant yourself some respect, how will others respect you? What is there to respect?

It is a sad story that women now feel compelled to offer favors to achieve. I have always been, and will always be a fighter. The first impression you get when you see me is probably “Keep Off”. I am no nonsense lke that; with no apologies. And to be honest this is one of my greatest qualities because my character demands respect. I dont have to do anything really.

Most of these powerful women you see, as i have come to realise, are women who truly know what they want, and work for it. Legitimately.

My ultimate goal is to touch a young girl’s life; and potentially save future generations.

The idea of having some level of wisdom is to pass it down to younger generations. One youngster at a time.

You are you.

Don’t feel pressured to match up to your friend’s life; or social media profile.

Sometimes someone’s chapter 10 is happening when you are at your chapter 1.

Don’t compare.

Have a lovely day!

Be you.

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