My Two Cents!

12208353_10153103997701512_802699929003993800_nYou have probably heard about the movement called Blaze, right? Their advertising campaign was quite intense; it is all over social media, on billboards, heck some of your friends are probably involved in it. From where I stand, I have seen all sorts of reactions evoked as a result; and I am not excluded.

Initially, I got to know about it from some of my acquaintances. It was all over their social media accounts. Then one morning I was tuned in to Classic 105, and this advertisement came on. “My name is *****, and I am a dancer. I was a fourth year student in college, studying qualitative analysis. I decided to leave and pursue my dream, dancing. My parents were quite upset at first. Some days are tougher than others, but I still push through. ……”

I turned that radio off! I was upset and disappointed! So disappointed to hear this. I couldn’t understand how this would be something advertised so much and on a huge audience, and we were expected to applaud it. This particular statement completely invalidated whatever opinion I had or would have had about Blaze.

I am relatively young; but definitely old enough to know what should or should not be said out loud. My immediate thinking went to all the youth in this country; over ten million young people heard this. Over ten million potential lawyers, doctors, economists,  business managers, etc HEARD that it is “okay” to leave school. Over ten million young people all over the country instantaneously had their thoughts redirected for a moment, because of this.

Now, let’s clarify something here, I am 100% FOR young people exploring and exhausting their talent. It is a God given gift; that even the Bible says would be wrong for an individual to not utilise it in their life. Understand that. What I do not like is that we are preaching to young people that it is okay to abandon education.

Which begs the question, What is our understanding of education?

To pass the exams and secure a job? Well that’s one thing; but education rids us off illiteracy. It instills various values and improves our way of thinking. It makes us powerful in the sense that we have an understanding of what happens around us. It opens our minds to being thoughtful intellectuals who have capacity to invent and improve society.

Your talent is meant to supplement your skills; not rid you off the possibility of great breakthroughs.

Imagine if the future microbiologist who comes up with a cure to HIV and cancer and all these terminal illnesses heard that; and dropped out of school too? What does that mean for society as a whole? Remember that this IS also a gift from up above. Don’t be blindsided by all you hear.

Have an independent mind.

Kenyan youth, you have so much potential. Believe more in yourself than you believe in what you see on TV or on social media.

Knowledge is power.

Value education. Education is valuable. And life shall indeed prove it to you.

My two cents.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. wambui wagathu says:

    Very good read.
    Congratulations on all your achievements and may God continue blessing you.
    Your blog is inspiring.

    1. lindagatere says:

      Thank you so much Wambui

  2. A. G says:

    Perfect read….unfortunately this will not be seen by the numerous young people who view education and reading as a complete waste of time….

    1. lindagatere says:

      I understand. But I do hope that I can reach out to a few. One step at a time

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