Read A Book!


When I joined high school, there was not much syllabus to cover in the first term. I then found myself doing what i love; reading. Not text books, but novels. Many novels. The few people in school that knew me by this time knew that i had a tendency to read a little too much. I would read my novels during breaks, on the pavements, in the dining hall, in the dormitory…everywhere.

Novels meant everything to me then; and in my years growing up. I started the habit when i was seven; remember Jessica and Elizabeth from Sweet Valley? They were my favourite. Of course as time goes by, the type of books you read changes, from romantic novels to life coach and inspirational books. I believe it is a good habit.

I ended up writing a few. Yes. Unpublished; but i have written three novels in my life. And they were great!

But in this day, our generation and the one behind us seems to read less; books seem to be of less and less value. The internet and technology in general has taken over the minds of the young; and instead of using it for good, it is used as a dating site, for cyberbullying, among other vices.

The sad thing about this is that most of these young individuals have lost touch with so much: personal growth, good grammar, etiquette, zeal to advance in a career. Perhaps as a result of peer pressure or a need to fit in seeing that reading is made to look absurd and uncool.

Come on, read a book!

Knowledge is power.

The advantages you get will help you in so many aspects that you never thought possible.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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