What is your purpose?

2016-05-11 12.29.49

It warms my heart every time someone reads my posts and comments on them or sends me a message saying that it is exactly what they needed to hear. It makes me really happy.

Many people are at a tough time or feel inefficient or inadequate simply because they either compare themselves with others; or they worry about things that are beyond their control.

Truth is, life is difficult for everybody. Let nobody fool you that it’s blissful all through. We all face tough times; the only difference is in the magnitude of these problems , and the level.

I’m thankful to have started this “paper chase” really early in my life because I got an education from that experience that would have taken me years to achieve. It’s in the priorities. In your Outlook towards life. In how you interact with others. And in how you make others FEEL. That is very important.

I’ve been repeatedly told that I am too mature for my age. Or I have a face that says, ” get out of my way. I already know what you are about to say” Hah! Shyla you made my day that time. I don’t know whether to attest to this or not.

But from what I’ve seen, it is possible that we are our own biggest problem. Why? Many young people are busy trying to be ahead of time. That’s why we have people creating illusions about how their lives are, living a lie. It’s not about what they think of you. You can pretend to be living a larger than life lifestyle, but in reality there’s nobody sadder than you are.

Many people are falling for the illusions and feel compelled to be the same. That’s why we have problems like young girls valuing the sponsors and rich older men more than their own education. We have girls dropping out of school to do things that will only bring shortlived money. Why? Because society has made it very crucial to look a certain way, rather than to be content in the capacity that God has placed you in.

What is your purpose?

If you stop fixing your eyes on material things and actually get up in the morning and say, “Dear Lord, show me the way.” ; do you know exactly how different your life would be?

You were created to be self respecting and respectful to those around you. Don’t lose that.

The answers to most of your questions are deeply rooted in God. And in you.

Have a great week!

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