This Thing Called Self Esteem!


We talk so much about self esteem and self appreciation; the value of knowing and believing in yourself. At least I know that I preach this to young girls; and sometimes people my age and above.

It’s incredible how a person’s level of self esteem can affect both them and those around them. Its almost impossible to fathom. I speak mostly out of experience, and it was all fun and games until another person’s inability to see their own value affected me directly.

I will never cease to wonder why we, and those born before us, live in a generation that is highly unable to uplift each other; build each other up; exhibit a sense of togetherness as a united group.

Raising a child is probably the toughest thing to do, and it is highly possible for parents and/or guardians to lose their way and focus on certain things at some point. And I would like to believe that this is where mentorship and leadership come in. As a woman who’s seen enough, I feel that young and growing women need to mentor young girls into believing in themselves. Believing in their power to be. Believing in their capabilities.

In my interactions with people, I have learned that there are people that are “NOT deliberately” intimidating to others; and every girl will meet one of these. But their ability to interact and cooperate with them without losing themselves is something that is directly controlled by their levels of self esteem. And this is something that needs to be checked.

My goal, as Linda Gatere, is to do my best and ensure that we raise a generation of powerful women. Can you imagine that? What a world it would be?! I believe in the power of the woman; but I also believe that a woman’s capacity to achieve and grow in their full potential is directly affected by their capacity to believe in themselves.

So what are you doing to better the world? They say that when you educate a woman, you educate a whole community.  And I firmly believe that education is all round. So why not start by empowering the woman in your life?

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